Visor Shaping Question?


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Question for all of you out there in Fett Land! What is the best way to bend an acrylic visor so that it fits more flush against the inside of the helmet? I'm having trouble getting the visor on my current commission to fit properly and I don't want to damage the visor or the helmet. I read through the Visor installation thread but didn't see anything with regards to bending it. I read online that you are not supposed to heat acrylic in the oven because it emits gasses that can become explosive. Any help would be appreciated.


I had trouble getting consistent heat throughout for an even bend with a heat gun, great for touching up spots though. I did mine in the oven and then layed it over a 5gal bucket for the curvature. Acrylic should be fine enough in the oven, the main risk with heating plastics is toxic gases, but from the research I did way back acrylic is pretty inert as long as you're not actually burning it. Definitely not as dangerous as PVC. I probably wouldn't do a high volume of em though. Also I found I did have to remove the protective film, as otherwise it would fuse enough to make removing it really difficult, mighta just been me going too hot though.

But I've moved to just using Hobart visors since, don't really need to bend them since they're thin enough to flex so well. They're hard as hell to find right now, but I just got a shipment from cyberweld so they're instock there.