visor material?

shade 99

Hello every one im pretty new to this and i was wondering wht u use for the tinted visor, and where u get it? Can anyone tell me where i get the material and wht it si. Thanks.


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Many people use the dark green welding visor. There is a link floating around as to where they are available. Also, Bobamaker sells a visor that is precut and ready to go.


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Boba Maker has the smoked acrylic. I hear they are the best.

There is one on Ebay, but I have broken all three of the ones I bought in the same spots. Quality wise, They look great, but I just sucked at putting them in a bucket.

You can get the dark green one, which I use, from either, but they are backordered. If you need one quick and cheap, the same that RJ sells, go to :||4118-CLR-SM,4118-DRK-SM.htm

I just bought three of them. Works perfectly.