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OK, aside from the fact that I am using a dp96 (i am bidding on a dp 95 now) and I have completely killed the back of the helmet with the wrong paints (sanding and repainting soon), I am having a problem with whaqt should be the simplest thing.

Installing the visor.

I made a visor to put in temporarily until my new visor arrives from Ft. Myers. But even with the temp visor (thick plastic painted black) I had such a hard time installing it that I gave up in frustration and ripped the thing out.

I have read TK409's awesome site and looked at his pictures, but can someone give this visor-challenged goob a step by step tutorial so that when the new visor gets here, I dont kill it and toss the dp96 in the trash. I want to be able to do this right so I can do it when (and if) I get the dp95 here.

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I dont know if there is any visor tutorial but I just used cardboard first to get the right fit before I cut the weilding sheild. Glued screw heas into the plastic with the heads cut off, then drilled holes in the visor where the studs where then just bolted it into the helmet.

Looks out Tylerdurden is on a rampage.
You cut cardboard for the visor untill it fits the visor area right.
Then you put that over the weilding shield and cut it out.
You put the cardboard back into the helmet and mark 6 holes on the outside edges around the visor area.
The cut the heads off 6 screws making sure you have nuts to fit the studs.
You remove the cardboard visor, and where you marked the six holes you glue the studs where the marks are.

Place the cardboard over the visor and mark the same holes, and drill them out.
Then all you need to do is put the visor over the studs and put the bolts on, and you have a removable visor.
crude, i know, but i am making sure i have this correct...


I am assuimg the bolt is what touches the visor to hold it in place? or, do i have it wrong and the visor should also have holes in it?

EDIT - re-read your post. can we see a pic of the inside of your bucket, if that is ok?
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