For Sale VillainWorks Boba Fett Gloves (NEW RUN 10/31/17)

Discussion in 'Cargo Hold' started by Major, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Wellroundedbill

    Wellroundedbill New Member

    Rotj XL please
  2. Major

    Major Active Member

    Cool.... this run is closed, I'll reach out to all of you shortly and we'll start the process.
  3. video567

    video567 New Member

    Pls let me know.. I'm looking for supertrooper gloves.. looking forward to it
  4. Major

    Major Active Member

    It would a matter of getting in on the next run......
  5. Major

    Major Active Member

    If anyone is looking for ROTJ Large, I have a new pair that is available...
  6. texasbhoy

    texasbhoy New Member

    Putting my name in for a request of Supertrooper gloves on the next run.
  7. HansVader

    HansVader New Member

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