For Sale VillainWorks Boba Fett Gloves (6-24-19 New Run Open)

Lucksy31 - ESB Faded Kill Stripes


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Well, it's been a while since a glove run. The main reason is the seamstress (Mom) underwent major surgery is now on the recovery path to the point where she feels up to sewing again.

At this point, I'll open the run for up to 4 pairs. We can do ESB, ROTJ or Supertrooper. A few have asked about the PP2 or others. I've never come up with formulas for the other colors, and the Dents gloves are too pricey to experiment with.

We use the Dents gloves, here's the link, the second tab will help you determine the size you need. Please check, as I can't do an exchange.


Here's the ROTJ version:

View attachment 164234 View attachment 164235

Here's ESB:

View attachment 164236 View attachment 164237

Price is $154 shipped in the US. International would be figured up, most cases a few dollars more.

Please post in this thread to claim a spot, once they're filled, I'll PM each of you for payment and details.
I'm interested in ESB please


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Okay.... the new run is open.

She’ll do up to 5 pairs this run... if there’s enough interest for them.

Looks like one is spoken for.

Please post up in this thread with size/style.

I’ll contact everyone once the run is closed to sort out payment/details.
Lucksy31 - ESB Shoulder Decal