Video: Storing Your Boba Fett Costume


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Hey Fett Heads!

I had been meaning to put this video together for a little while and finally got around to it!

Many people use large Husky or Stanley bins to store their Fett costumes. I find that while this works, I live in a relatively small apartment and storage is at a premium! The less room I take up with my Fett costume, the more room I have for...that's right...more costumes :)

I use a Plano Sportsman Trunk. You can find these at Walmart for like $26:


Everything for the costume fits in this bin minus the helmet. Hope this helps with some of your storage questions!

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Very nicely done, both the video and the packing!! As with everything I've seen you do, very professional. I am still glad for the bigger box, as I'm sure I'd drop my helmet in transit sometime. I do like (and must incorporate at least for the crotch strap) your use of snaps vs. the velcro I have -- although I've already gone through and stitched on the velcro to the elastic straps (because the adhesive is simply a fail), they still pull up some (on the knee armor) and don't hold well during use (dangly crotch strap is very embarrassing). Thanks for the tips!!


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Thanks dv8r!

Snaps are definitely the way to go for the straps, but I do use velcro at different points on the flight suit to keep some of the armor attached properly (hip and kidneys for the cod and kidney armor, and on the knees for the knee armor).

When I travel with my helmet, it's like I'm carrying a baby. My helmet bag is well padded so I try not to worry too much :) I wish I could use a bigger tote (even just for extra padding), but the only storage I have in my apartment is under the stairs...and that's always shallow, so I needed to be creative in how the space is used. I've got a TK, a DLT in a ski bag, my Fett, and my partner's Boushh all under the stairs. It's a tight fit :)


I've got a TK, a DLT in a ski bag, my Fett, and my partner's Boushh all under the stairs. It's a tight fit :)
That's quite a few! I'm glad I only need the case for transport; this is what passes for "storage" at my place:

...although I do have to dust occasionally :).


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Haha! Awesome. I'd love to have a mannequin, but there just isn't the space. We probably could fit it in our bedroom but I'm not sure my partner wants to wake up to boba every morning....or think about him staring at us while we sleep.

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That makes sense....I know a lot of people forget the inside of the JP is spacious...that's all. I like that case a lot though. Better then my smaller chest....think I might order one up


Great video DeathProof! I recently had to downsize from my larger Husky wheelie bin to a smaller one to fit in my other car while my van was under the knife. The larger bin holds the entire costume but requires my van to transport, but the smaller one fits in my car's front trunk. With my helmet and blaster in hand, I can use the smaller one easily enough. I think I'll figure out a way to strap my blaster to the bin after it's out of my car trunk. The helmet is still a PITA but doable. I haven't found an off-the-shelf solution for a helmet box, but will keep looking. It's easily the most delicate part of the costume.


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Don't get a box, get a helmet bag. I use one from trooperbay but any motorcycle style bag will do. It has handles so it's very easy to carry the bag and roll the bin at the same time.

I strap my DLT to my TK bin with bungees (the sportsman bin has holes to attach locks and bungees) so it's still easy to transport.
I picked up a Plano today from Walmart to store all my kit in as I assemble everything. Thank you for posting this. Incredibly helpful.
I ordered the OD green version of the Plano bin after watching this video. Thanks!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who plans to paint kill stripes on the side after each troop!


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I started off with a similar sized trunk which was 146 L


IHowever it really wasn't big enough and didn't protect my kit very well as there wasn't any room to fit foam inside or my Blaster which I had to carry in a separate gun case



Which wasn't very convenient pulling the wheeled trunk whilst holding the gun case. So I bought one of these.

It's a Stanley Fatmax toolbox / Trunk im the US they are rebranded as Dewalt. It's 240L and fits all my kit in with ease . It's really sturdy and has a large pull out handle to pull it along.
I am going to add thick foam to the sides and bottom for extra protection for my kit.
The first modification was to make a gun and shin tool rack in the underside of the lid. This involved cutting out a piece of foamex/Sinatra that was slightly smaller than the Iid. I then placed the various pieces of equipment onto the board drew around them and then cut slots for the webbing to go through . I then mounted the board onto a larger piece of egg shell foam and glued it on. I then pushed the webbing through and attached self adhesive Velcro to each end. I then attached the board to the inside of the lid using self tapping screws and plastic tabs which hold the board in the lid securely. Here is where I am ATM. More to come.....

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