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Ok, I'll be starting the vest soon (next couple of days). I've studied the pics, read all the posts, and paid careful attention to what those have seen the exhibit had to say. The vest has a certain sheen to it. Not shiny per se, but a bit of reflective quality if angled correctly in the light. I saw some fabric called "Satin Twill"(I think) or something close to that at JoAnn's. It had a stretchy quality that I balked on. The sheen seemed perfect, though. I asked here (and at WalMart) about the sheen as I had a swatch of drapery that looked dead-on to what I wanted as far as fabric/sheen etc. Perhaps the sheen was a result of a Scotchguarding process. I was told it was a chintz. Ok, but pricey. I then found a remnant at WalMart that may fit the bill. The piece at WallyWorld had little to no sheen so I asked about a spray-on Scotchguardish product. I found a can of "Hi-Shine Glaze" that can be used on indoor furniture and has a flexible, high shine finish. I will try a VERY light application to a test swatch soon and post results of my tests.

I will still try my first and foremost supplier of fabric for my sewing projects, my upholstery fabric outlet, for even more accurate material. I will try to get over there tomorrow, as I am pumped-up with all this Fett thinging.
Hmmm, I've used a slightly stretchy cotton-poplin-type material for ESB. It's shiny on one side, not on the other, and just the right color of white. Sorry, I don't remember the name, but it does exist. I found it at Joann's a while ago. The slight stretchiness is good. Twill would not be good.
Actually, LisaFett, I found what I think to be as dead-on a fabric as I can without having ever seen the original. It IS a blend, 65-35, but already has the bluish/greyish color to it. I had also planned on using the cotton backed quilting stuff as a lining to also provide a bit of padding for the occasional/inevitable "let's punch the geek's armor and see if it hurts him". Well, I found that new fabric at my aforementioned upholstery place, and as I was poking around for ideas, I also found a fantastic thing for the lining/padding. Automotive headliner. ...I have been working on my vest a bit today, and will have it done in the next couple of days hopefully. I am VERY happy with how it is turning out with these "found treasures". Pictures will follow upon completion.
wait....."punch the geek" is inevitable??? Man, talk about the "dark side". I had no idea....maybe I should start working on an "operational" blaster rifle! :evil
Oh, I thought you said it does not have the slight sheen. I was commenting that there is a fabric that exists and is not too hard to find that does have the sheen, and you don't have to spray it with anything. I guess if you already found the fabric with the sheen and it's the right type of weave and right color, then that's good.

Isn't automotive headliner hot and doesn't it not breathe well? It always looked....somehow rubbery to me. And can you dry it in a dryer? I'd be sure of those things before I used in in my costume. It also seems as though it will not quilt right across the vest sleeves. It's too puffy.

Side note: There are different types of batting, and I would not use the 100% cotton's for quilts, and will give a crinkly appearance once washed.
Couple of quick things I want to point out after seeing the real vest on three different occasions...

1. The color of the real vest (as well as the jumpsuit) is a WARM grey color, not the blue-grey that most people think. I don't know why it often looks like a cool color but I assure you it is a warm grey.

2. The actual fabric is not near as slick/shiny as it appears in the movie or in distance photos. In fact, up close it has very little sheen at all. It is definitely a fabric and not a plastic, like pvc, as I used to think.
Hey, Brak's. Thanks for the input. Just out of curiosity, how close is the fabric I used in the link called "link to my finished vest" here in "soft parts"? The fabric I used is discontinued, so if it's close, let me know and I'll get as much as I can.
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