Vest construction??

Mine is padded
crazy4bobafett made mine, pm her since I don't know what she used
she'll be happy to help ya out
here's a pic before the armor was added

soft fett 002.jpg
yeah padding in the front and back if you want.I use a high loft batting bought at walmart stuff they use in blankets.about 7.00 for a bag but you might be able to buy smaller quatities.I also use this in the sleeve caps as well.
The Wal-marts around us have stopped carrying fabric! They just opened a new one in Lexington, KY in January and they don't have it and at least two more around the area have redone the interiors and have stopped carrying fabric.

So check local listings!
My vest is packed (I have the "Empire of Dreams " screening today in Newport beach)
here's a couple shots with & without flash
I'll try & get some shots at the event
I don't know if it's a "dead Ringer" but it's the best I've seen

soft fett 001.jpg

soft fett 002.jpg
the vest had a Zipper originally,
but we removed the neckseal & didn't have anothe zipper the correct size
The Velcro is temporary
The First pic I posted (me wearing it) still had the attached neckseal
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