Custom Mandalorian Various themed mandalorian pep files


New Hunter
Heyo guys,
I've made some mandalorian objs and am converting them to pep files(some of which are still being unfolded), and am making some more if anyone is interested. They range in theme, some are just what I think is cool, but others are dc comics themed and some are 100% star wars.

These are what I have so far:

Sabine Wren sabinehelmet - Download - 4shared - Jimmy Scribbles

Robin/Nightwing (Nightwing is WIP)
Robin Mando.pngNightwing Mando.png

Mandalorian Police Captain Mandalorian Police Captain - Download - 4shared - Jimmy Scribbles

Mandalorian Police Mandalorian Police - Download - 4shared - Jimmy Scribbles
EDIT - Started Mandalorian Police armour
Mandalorian Police.png

Generic Mandalorian

Wonder Woman Mandalorian
WW mandalorian.png

Batman Mandalorian

Green Lantern Mandalorian
GL Mando.png

Space Marine Shaped Mandalorian (Warhammer) customhelmetv2v1 - Download - 4shared - Jimmy Scribbles

All download links will be posted to the pictures at my fb page(which I'd appreciate if you check out, although I only just started it up)
and will also be posted here if enough(or any ;p) people want them.

Enjoy xD
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Jr Hunter
Very nice designs!! I believe i can take one of my mando helmets i make and rework it to the Mandalorian Police captain...would you be ok with that?


New Hunter
Hey, Jimmy -- your Sabine helmet looks great, but due to the nature of 4Shared, I'm unable to download it. Would you be willing to upload it to another site like dropbox?