Vader FX Hilt


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Has anyone ever gutted a Force FX Vader hilt for the flash tube? I have been hunting down broken FX hilts on ebay to try it out. If anyone has any info on it, please let me know :)



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you can possibly ask anyone who has dissassembled it before. I heard of a certain modification kit that you can buy so that you can just leave it as a hilt without the blade on it. Perhaps since they have dissasembled it, they can give you a pic or describe it. Just a thought to say you money before hand.



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Here's a pic from TCSS... Also, under the switchbox, is a big rectangular hole.



Also, I'm not sure if matters, but the grips aren't just glued on... They are injection molded to the tube. In other words, if you tear one off, you'll have more holes in the tube.

I'm working on a SE Fett, so I haven't really looked into the ESB blaster at all. Hope the scraps of info that I could give ya help some.