For Sale Vacuum forming table for sale (pick up only) Long Island New York

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So the ex informed me that her mom wants to use my old shop for crafting (rolls eyes) so...i have to get the table out of there. I have no where to set it up here so the years and thousands of dollars invested in this is down the drain. Wonderful. I cant catch a break. I guess losing the good shop and this are the casualties of my divorce.

Its 24x48. Has a leak on the platen that can be fixed with some silicone. Needs a little work to be perfect. Gast pump (this alone was $1200), Two 20 gallon tanks. You will Need to have 2 30 amp plugs to power the heat. I have to get it out of the old shop ASAP. Id rather someone buy it then have to bring it to my new place where i cant use it anyways.

3-4K invested in this. looking for $2000 OBO Pick up only. Im on Long Island, in NY.

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