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Extra tips and help is required... seems I dont have the best supply stores around me. Iam going off of , but I ran into some snags...

A) cant find any way to weld the frame , maybe some sort of wood can withstand the heat??

B)nichrome wire.. how much do i need... i assume 81 feet is UNCOILED, also... if i were to coil it myself.. would it have to be one BIG LONG HUGE coil, or would from each post work? wich brings me to

C) 60 bucks for 60 pegs PLUS SandH is REDICULOUS, is there a substitute to use for the ceramic pegs? perhaps electric fence things?

other then that I think I have it.. some modifications in size might be made.. but. overall... Maybe Ill re design it or something with cheaper materials.. lol... give me input people, i dont know a thing about wiring (well.. a little) and I dont want to blow it up and kill me or worse... hurt someone else (my life matters not in the sake of costuming.. but if innocents were harmed.. id be devestated) besides.. ive been hit by 2 cars.. ive lived through suicide and drowning.. and a 20,000 volt electrocution... Iam pretty sure when I die it was just "my time" .
heh... same time zone.. 2 states away, Missouri. youd think wed have a lot, but no... everythings privately owned.. I might have my fathers work do it *Bayer, like the asprin* he works as a mechanic there, and hell id do it if we had the old welding tools.. but we moved.. to the city.. and we couldnt bring them with us.. "youll never use them here" GERRR. we had a bunch of parts I coulda used too.. if only I found out about vacu forming about.. 2 years ago... Id of had 30 machines built in my old house's shed (sized for horses) and Id be my own StormTrooper and Mandalorian armor factory :lol: I think Iam going to do that here.. make a "building" just for this .. building and finishing armor... (y) for assembly lines!
you got machinery? lol ill drive the 2 hours man... 2 hours is nothing... are you sure its 2 hours... *gets map* crapp... wrong map *puts away galatic map and pulls out old USA map* lets not spam my thread... PM me man
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go to and look for the precoiled nichrome wire. They sell it in 10 foot sections which is enough for about 4 ovens! The ceramic standoffs I could not find locally, but you could make them from the same material the oven walls are made from, Hardibacker 500

And 'L" brackets and aluminum square tubing will work or 1x1 pine will do for the holding frame. I like MiG welding so I made mine like Thurston James did, out of steel tubing.

Jim aka TK560

BTW, check out my other site:
i knew about the site, i wasnt sure on the sizing of it though, cuz the how to was so old and things changed.. if you dont have to use the ceremic pegs.. thn thats the biggest thing holding me back, how would you use the backer board? make 1 inch rectagle posts? got pics? will this work safely?
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