For Sale USMC Half Tent for cape & PP2 Color Girth Belt

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Hey again.

I realised this belt is too short for the look Im going for, so Im going to redo it. So Im going to offer it here.

Its stained in PP2 brown, needs touch ups but can be achieved with a tube of inexpensive craft paint.

It measures 31" (not including lemgth of buckles.)

Asking $46 shipped, US only.


Up next, I'm parting with a USMC Half Shelter, which can be used to make Boba's olive half cape. you could easily get two out of it given its size. Asking $55 shipped, US only.

DSC02690.JPG DSC02693.JPG DSC02695.JPG
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Weldon Thomson

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I’ll take the braids and the girth belt, if still available. Not sure how to pm you. If you can send me the appropriate info I can pay-pal the payment ASAP. Thanks.
- Weldon


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Jump suit on hold.

Becon and stablizer added to jet pack. Will add pics when I can.

Metal darts now included to right gauntlet. Will add pics when I can


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Gauntlets spoken for.

Dropping price on the pulse 40 to $180.

Here's a pic of the pack greeblies and darts that go with the pack & gauntlet

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