Upgrades to my MB Jet Pack with stubby parts.


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Upgrades to my MB Jetpack with stubby parts.

I had a buddy of mine made these on his lath for me. Now they just need cleaned and painted. I made them from the same hard rubber that I use for everything else. That way if something where to happen, They will not break. I tinted them black just so they would have some sort of tint. If not, they would come out clear and it makes it harder to clean them up. What do you think?



I am doing the sanding now. I hate this part! My goal is to have them done and painted so I can troop with them on Friday night. We will see.
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asok said:
From Smooth on Smooth Cast 325.

Smooth Cast 325 is a color match resin. It's sets up hard not like rubber. Are you sure that's what you used?:confused
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