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It is with a heavy heart that i am posting that myself and my wife have parted ways. The reason i am posting this here is because my new shop that was literally JUST finished is planted in our back yard, so this will affect you guys. I just want you to know there may be delays with everything now due to this unfortunate circumstance. [THIS SITUATION HAS BEEN RESOLVED AS OF NOV 19TH 2018]

We are going to remain friends and i will be able to use the shop until i can find a new place, but as you may figure, im going to have to be scrambling to get a new place and get my own car. I will probably take on a few more commissions to get some cash together but after that it is likely DVH will be shut down by the end of the year. Im debating whether I want to continue building the vac table or just sell off what i have . If i was to build it i will need a place to set it up after i move and thats not going to be easy as i will need a higher power line, and if im renting its unlikely i'll have that or be able to install it. So im weighing the options right now.

If i end up shutting DVH down all my molds and masters will be for sale along with the vac pump and whatever i have for the vac table.

I will post for sale threads if this happens, just wanted to let everyone know whats going on if it takes me longer to reply or whatever.

**UPDATE NOV 19th 2018... The wife and i have reconciled so although this past 2 months have caused dleays, i am getting back on track. Please check the latest post in this thread to see the most recent general DVH updates!
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Sorry to hear this Lou, especially after everything you've been building. Give me a shout if you need to talk, my door is always open.

Take care of yourself.


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I'm so sorry to hear this. You've been making so many awesome props, it will be a huge loss to TDH. Let me know if I can do anything since I'm in new england as well.

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thanks guys...its tough but trying to push through and focus on DVH to keep me distracted. I will be talking with the ex tonight to see if i can get indefinite use of the shed/shop. Im planning on staying in the area so it can work. If she agrees, then i will continue on with the vac table and previous plans. If not i'll have to weigh my options.