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Hello, I'm looking for any updated sources for Han In Carbonite pieces. Starting from scratch. I would like some updated blueprints of the box so I can make that myself. And if there are any Canadian resources that would be cool.
Thanks in advance,
Hey Sean. I'm making the box myself so just the Han casting. I will be 3D printing the greeblies and maybe the panels if they turn out nice enough. I am currently conversing with Wes Coke but I'm trying to avoid import/brokerage fees as I am in Canada.
Thanks for your time in posting.:)
Awesome, thank you Jimmy. That is phenomenal. I'm trying to get into the HIC group but I just joined FB, so I'm trying to reach out to some of the moderators. I'm mostly going to be printing and making most of the stuff myself. I have the Wes Coke Han paid for and in the works. Debating between printing or going for the injection mold side panels.
Thanks again.
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