Update on Gauntlets


Apologies to all who are asking about gauntlets from us (Lonewolf_1183 and myself). Life has been utterly insane for the last month or so, with both of us working 60 hour+ weeks including all weekend, and on top of that we've both got family stuff going on right now. Lonewolf should be getting to re-doing his gauntlet sculpt in a week or two and then we'll get them cast out and cleaned up as fast as we can. We're shooting to have them ready before Christmas since I know a couple of you are using them as gifts. :)

We haven't forgotten you, I promise!



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Yeah.. sure, sure... right... uh, huh! :rolleyes :rolleyes :lol:

Actually, my own life has been utterly insane the past 2 months or so (Not going according to plan at all!!! :( ) More than the normal insane I've been dealing with... *sighs*

Don't worry about it... as long as it's done before CIV I'll be a happy camper .. otherwise, well... we won't go there! ;)


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Am I on your list? :D If I'm not, put me on. And if I am, put me after everyone else that has a deadline. My Zam is going to be one of those loooong term projects. Plus I already have a pretty cool set of gauntlets already... ;)

Hope things smooth out for you two soon...


Well, there's a gauntlet-shaped plug of clay on my coffee table, so Lonewolf's working on the new sculpt, at least. Unfortunately, real life keeps getting in the way... Poor thing is working 2 jobs, so there's not a lot of free time.

I'll crack the whip a few times for ya, though. :) I need a new set now too!

who discovered this weekend that resin gauntlets and below-freezing temps DO NOT mix

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Okay, so here is finally some pictures of the gauntlet sculpts. Right now I'm just sculpting the right gauntlet, when I get done with it, I'll move onto the left gauntlet. So here's the pics. Here's what the gauntlet sculpt looks like as of now.