UK Star wars day at the National Space centre


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I hope this is OK to post here !

Just thought all the UK fett fans would like to know that there is a star wars weekend on at the National Space Centre in Leicester (just off the M1) even better is that along with Kenny Baker & Warwick Davis Jeremy Bulloch himself will be there to meet ,answer questions & sign autographs !!(y) (y) (y) (y)

This is a great day out hosted by the UK Garrison so loads of troopers ,Jedi ,Dark Lords and they even had a C3PO and a remote R2D2 last year ...oh a a couple of Bounty hunters too !!.Also there are many stands (I will be there on saturday with the replica prop board ) talks and displays and more star wars actors are to be confirmed ,so dont miss out on a realy cool day out :) on the 4th and 5th of November by the way !

You will find all the info here



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If you take a look on the Replica Prop Board there is a thread all about it - 4th/5th November 2006 UK Prop party NSC Leicester - its in the replica props section .

All welcome :)
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