TRB's ESB Build (Short BH)

Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by ThatRndmBounty, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. ThatRndmBounty

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    Hey all, I have been on the forums since 2007 but didn't create a account till 2011 at my first year in college. Anyways I plan to build a ESB Fett so far I have RKD V3 armor and Landher boots. Off to a little start. (My first Fett build was in middle school and was made from Cardboard.. I have pics somewhere.)

    I'm also 5'4" 150lbs on the short side. And had a few questions about what to get. Who makes a small ESB bucket and Jet Pack? Trying to make this proportional to my body.
    Also gauntlets?

    I'll be posting more and more as I go.
    List by Deathxcircle
    Bucket - ToeEleven ESB
    Rangefinder Stalk - ToEleven
    Borden - ToEleven
    Servo -
    Viewfinder - SX-70 Real

    Armor - ESB Animefan
    Chest Display - Fettronics
    Collar and Cod Studs -
    Knee Darts - Machinecraft Replicas

    Gauntlets - Cucblack
    Flamethrower -
    Gauntlet Rocket -
    Gauntlet Darts - Real vintage
    Alco Switches
    Metal Glenross Dental Expander
    Gauntlet Light- Real Ever Ready Mini Light
    Keypad - Casio MQ-1
    Real Dental tools for the Whip Cord

    Jetpack - NME Props
    Jetpack Harness Kit -
    US Divers Buckle - Vintage Divers Co
    Jet pack hooks clips and rings -
    Jetpack Stablizer - Real Michell part
    Jetpack Beacon - Machinecraft Replicas
    Jetpack Beacon Light -
    Jetpack Collar - Darkside
    Jetpack Exhaust Vents -
    Jetpack Thruster Side Greeblies -
    Jetpack Thruster Front Greeblies -
    Jetpack Thruster Discs -
    Real Dental Tool

    Cape - MLS

    Wookie Braids - MLS

    Flight Suit - Arkady
    Flak Vest - Arkady
    Neck Seal - Batninja
    Gloves - MOW (Need Upgrade)
    Ammo Belt - Delta13Mike
    Girth Belt -
    Boots - Landhers
    Toe Spikes - Landhers

    Shin Tools - Real Parts

    EE3 -
    EE3 sling -
    Pulce 40 -
    Pulce 40 Nemrod Holster -
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  2. jbdubz

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    check out Skyfire for a GMH, definitely in the smaller scale of the helmet spectrum. not really sure if anyone makes scaled gauntlets and JPs. kind of a one size fits all sorta deal but you can always affect the gauntlet enclosure size when you buy them in kit form. a jetpack on the other hand, not much you can do other than build your own, scaling down the pep files to your liking. good luck!
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  3. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    jbdubz thanks for the info! Gotcha on the gaunts. And might make my own jetpack.
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  4. Ghost_Fett

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    I'm 5'6" 140 pounds and have a wip thread on here. Don't worry about being short. You can absolutely do it!
  5. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    Armor is RKD V3 painted by Dent Eastwood
    22141052_1607501375962404_2281263028863179330_n.jpg 22195700_1607501492629059_496976314276118414_n.jpg 22089911_1607501522629056_7875041864133957603_n.jpg

    Boots with toe spikes from my friend Landher.

    Shin Tools part of them.


    Range finder topper lens.


    Helmet circuit board: MQ-1

    Gauntlet numpad MQ-1:
  6. TehEl1te

    TehEl1te Active Member

    Great start my friend! :) As per our FB chat... this is looking AWESOME! One of the greatest costumes on Earth! I'm doing round 2 myself!
  7. Bacta

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  8. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    Thanks bro means a lot!
  9. hvacdon

    hvacdon Member

    TRB you have some great pieces there, keep up the good work !!
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  10. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    Thank you very much bro. :)
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  11. TK50175

    TK50175 Member

    Nice pieces!!! What original pieces are you still going to buy? Do you want to build it with as much original parts as possible? Nemrod Holster, Pulse, ...........
  12. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    If money alows I would like to own as much original pieces as I can. :)

    I lost a bid on the pulce by $100. It sold for $500.. ):
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  13. TK50175

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    General - Short Boba Fett build for Halloween

    This guy here seems to produce smaller jetpacks and other parts. He says has molds for the female fett version with a 3/4 sized jetpack and maybe other smaller scaled parts you might need.
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  14. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    I saw that. Thanks for the heads up. :)
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  15. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    Man of War wool cape came in. What do you think of it?

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  16. TK50175

    TK50175 Member

    To be honest I am not sure if wool is the right material. If you look at the damage from that reference pic I think it would look more „fluffy“ at the edges of the damage if it has been made from wool:

    Boba Fett Empire Strikes Back Costume

    But there are a lot of different opinions about that here in TDH. Your cape looks really like matching the colours and I like the quality of MOWs stuff. (y)
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  17. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    I got the wool version and the standard version. Once my suit is done I’ll see what looks better. I dig the colors on the wool tho.
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  18. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    Update on the cape.
    Used RafalFett template on the cape. Well my rendition of it lol. Still need to weather the holes a tad bit.
    22688365_1623331171046091_5168080723794315494_n.jpg 22549913_1623331177712757_8574398526266717510_n.jpg 22552486_1623331191046089_1245239921546856139_n.jpg
  19. hvacdon

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    Looking very Nice !!
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  20. DeathJedi

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    Great start! Can't wait to see more of this!
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  21. TK50175

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  22. Hames13

    Hames13 Jr Member

    Lookin’ Awesome! I wouldn’t worry too much about being short, I’m just over 5’5” and have a standard (I think) size bucket and Jetpack (Jetpack’s scratch made from WoF templates) and have extra insoles in my boots to make me an inch and a half taller. Keep up the good work!
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  23. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    Thank you!
  24. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    Outside light on the cape.


    Indoor natural light.

    I need to iron the cape again. The creases keep coming back.
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  25. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    tubachris85x thank you so much for these knee darts. One step closer.


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