For Sale ToEleven Fiberglass ESB Helmet kits v2

Darth Voorhees - Jetpack Kit

Mando Comando

New Hunter
Stop! I can't take it anymore! You all make me want my order MOAR & NOW!!!!! lol But seriously, I'm super excited, Jay. Thank you all for the glowing recommendations. I'll open future Fett hopefuls your way if this bucket is as good as everyone says :)


Jr Hunter
That is a beautiful helmet. I'm trying to justify getting another helmet in my mind, when I haven't started working the one I have yet.


Been working on one of these kits for a customer and am really impressed with the quality of the kit and especially the casted smaller pieces. Everything is very sharply detailed, assembles well, just overall well-done. Keep up the good work!
Darth Voorhees - Jetpack Kit