TK-409 Scratchbuilt Ammo Belt *PICS* update 7/4

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UPDATE 7/4 Finally done, now with tutorial comments:


<font color="#FFFFFF">TUTORIAL

Here's the updated template:

OK, This must be the toughest part of the costume - especially building it from scratch. Research and development is a freaking bear. No wonder these things are so expensive! This project is ongoing so here's my progress so far...

<font color="#FFFFFF">THE BASE
I decided on balsa wood as a base. It's lightweight and cheap. I didn't want to mess with making functional pouches, would take until Episode3 for me to finish.

<font color="#FFFFFF">THE LEATHER
I started by going to a leather shop and rummaging through their scrap bins. I spent about $40 in scrap leather and leather dye (I guess it would've been cheaper to do vinyl). My leather scraps were in odd shapes, so I had to develop a pattern that would make the most of the pieces I had. I made a pattern (download it here) that you can print out - and it is already to scale. So you just print and cut.

I cut out the leather and glued it to the wood using Liquid Nails - but I'm sure you could use anything. Use a rubber band to hold the leather while the glue dries.

Also, cut out 12" strips for the pouch flap. This will vertically wrap around the pouch. For stitching, I used quilting thread. It's thicker and more visible than regular thread. You'll also need a leather needle for your sewing machine ($2). Then you'll need a Mrs. to coach you on the sewing machine - or just do it for you. (Thanks to Mrs. TK-409!)

I'll post more photos as it progresses. I'm certainly not the expert on this - all knowledge I have on the ammo belt is from this forum - you guys are awesome. I'm not going to be making & selling these. I simply offer the tutorial for those that want to "do-it-yourself."
looks awesome mang! i went the same route and made my own out of vinyl. i was doing it about the same time as SC was making his and someone thought they were the belt they were getting off of him! buuuut eventually i put it on ebay and got sum loot to fund my costume further. heres a pic:

SC's Pieces of art!

my own fruits!


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Great job TK 409! looks like you know what you are doin. Thanx for the template bud! :)
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The far left and right of your template print out at around 3.3/8 inches, is this correct? :)
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drvfett, I'm not sure I understand your question.

I've updated the template again, now with measurements. If they don't appear, just reload the image.
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Kool, that helps a lot. Thanks so much for including measurments. It makes building things so much easyier :D :thumbsup:
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Yeah, I definitely want to add the grommets, but I'm putting it off until after I finish the other major parts of the outfit. Almost done!
......OK, TK:,....I just met you just a few months ago in this group.....and (how many things so far you've created from scratch)?........GOD!!! YOU'RE A GENIOUS!!!

Remember the time that I told you that "you're not longer an apprentice, but a MASTER now"? I have to tell you that you should replace that green-midget, nasty long-eared, recycled-blob, booger-shaped, whatever-it-is thing sitting on the Jedi Council Main chair-owner (Yoda), cause you're the MASTER OF MASTERS in this forum....:lol:thumbsup:

I'm just amazed of your skills! BTW, what do you do for a living??? :lol:

Ha! Thanks! Geez, I wouldn't go that far though :D I can't cast molds or work fiberglass or anything, so unfortunately all I can do is make stuff out of nothing :D.

For my day job, I'm creative director for the web at an ad agency in Sacramento. I handle interactive design and animation for the web.
Thanks again!

there's a hand made shoe shop here in Bristol. I got some offcuts from there to make my pouches. There was more than enough and it cost me £10. Do you want me to go and have a look tomorrow for you, and get some if there are any available?


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