TK-409 Gauntlets done *UPDATED 06/25*

Trooper TK409

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More in-depth explanations added below...
For cool Flamethrower Nozzels, go to and search for "Premium PL-259 UHF-Type Coaxial Connector"
On the left gauntlet, I added the two black buttons on the flamethrower (found at Radio Shack) and wired a blinking red LED to the light switch. I am by no means an electrical expert - I just asked the guy at the parts store how to do it.




Here are my gauntlets - finally done! I primered them black first, then RustOleum (American Accents) "Claret Wine" for the burgundy. Silver Testor model paint was used for weathering along with craft paint sponged on to dull the silver a little. On the left gauntlet, I added flamethrower nozzels from Radio Shack "Premium PL-259 UHF-Type Coaxial Connector" (the biggest they sell). Let me know what you think!
Left Gauntlet: I drilled small holes and riveted the main body to the flamthrower housing and screwed the missile to the gauntlet from inside the top shell:
(yes those are Bic pen tips)

On the right gauntlet, I drilled small holes and screws to connect the resin wedge piece to the side. Same thing for the dowel below it.

I superglued velcro to the outer sides of the bottom halves and on the insides of the top halves. Although black velcro was used on the ROTJ MoM exhibit, I believe they used white velcro on the screen used ESB gauntlets.
Great job TK I think I have a pare of the same gauntlets I hope mine turn out as well as yours did :D
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ukscout wrote:

Where did you get the hose connectors from?

They are brass fittings from the hardware store ($2 each). I painted them with aluminum paint. I can pick some up for you if you want.

- Chris
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Gauntlets look great Chris. I like the light up feature. You're fortunate. The last time I went to the Shake in my area the guy took me to the wall with the LED's and told me here what your looking for. I asked if he could help me lay it out (a simple lighting sequence) and we replies: well no, none of us can, but here's everything you need. Would love to see your diagram.
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bobafett669 wrote:

How did you connect the connectors for the hoses to the gauntlets?

I used a screw and washer to go through the middle of the hose connectors and into the gauntlet.

bobafett669 wrote:

TK409, I got the UHF nozzles 218-188. How did you keep them from making noise since they are made to screw on? Did you glue them?

I actually can't remember now how I put those on (it's been a while) and unfortunately I can't take apart the gauntlet to have a look. As I remember, it was pretty self explanatory once you unscrew the nozzles to the "open" position. Sorry I can't be more help.

...but thanks for the other compliments :)
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