TK-409 Boba Fett Neckseals - *UPDATE* 2/4

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UPDATE 2/4---------------------

UPDATE 12/11---------------------
OK, Thanks for your patience. Mrs. TK-409 is well-rested and ready for more! :D Only, this is a new version (PROTOTYPE 3) of the Neckseal. The closure is all velcro so it fits together better. I'm really happy with the way this version turned out. It's comfortable and it stays up - no slouching. These are $49 shipped and if you'd like one, please email me at with your neck size. Here are some new photos:

And for reference:


UPDATE 10/23---------------------
Mrs. TK-409 is taking a much needed break on the Fett Neckseals. She may be doing them again in the near future though. I'll keep you posted :) Thanks!

UPDATE 9/23---------------------
Size Clarification: for those signing up, please give me your actual neck size. Mrs. TK-409 makes them approx. 1.5" bigger for comfort. (she likes her bounty hunters to be comfy!)
- Chris

I'm starting a signup list for those who would like one. These take a little longer than the Stormtrooper Neckseals to make, but like those, these will still be $49 shipped. <font color="#ffffff"> PM me with your neck size (she makes them a little larger for comfort).

OK, Mrs. TK-409 has finished the second prototype. It includes a front closure with 3 hooks and a velcro top. She was concerned that there was a seam, but we checked the reference photos and it's there as well. Check out all the photos and let me know what you think of the front closure.
- Chris

Here's another reference photo:

(Hook closure in front)


(velcro closure in back)
Mrs TK-409 whipped up this first Fett neckseal because the one that came with my vest was so baggy - it keeps falling down. This one stays up great! She's making one with the hook front-closure to be more accurate. What do you think?

Also, what kind of vests do you guys have? Is the neckseal separate or built in?

This one has a dickie, similar to her Stormtrooper Neckseal.:
Looks great man!!! If you plan to offer these, I'd be in for one. One question the pics of the Fett on display for MOM, the neck seal appears to use velcro in the front. Could you do them this way (to be more accurate)? And if anyone knows if there were different versions, that info would be helpful too.
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That does look like a good neckseal so will you be offering these like your trooper seals.
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Looking great TK409! I thought you were AWOL or something. BTW, did you see the pics of my helmet already?

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The neck seal is attached to the jumpsuit on the real suits.

Trooper TK409 wrote:

Also, what kind of vests do you guys have? Is the neckseal separate or built in?
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bobasfett wrote: the pics of the Fett on display for MOM, the neck seal appears to use velcro in the front....

Partly true. We were using the following photos for reference and it looks like there is a hook closure in the front. The velcro looks like an afterthought that didn't work too well. Mrs. TK-409 says the hook closure will be cleaner (you won't see the hooks) whereas the velcro would have to be sewn on and you'd see the stitching. She'd rather not hand-stitch velcro if possible.

Also, this neckseal would need to be sewn to your existing jumpsuit to be accurate. Or, you could just put it on after your jumpsuit and before your vest.



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Nice job...those were the pics I was refering to. And yes, from what I've gathered, the neck seal was indeed sewn to the jumpsuit (pre-pro Chronicles pics). Makes sense that since the jumpsuit zipped in the front, the neck seal would also have to have its closure in the front.

Regardless of how it works, Id still be interested in one of looks great!
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Trooper TK409 wrote:

The MOM neckseal, vest and jumpsuit are all made of different materials.

Gotta disagree with you there. The vest, neck and back of the gloves are all the same material. As can be seen in the picture below, the vest has been weathered a bit and it slightly a different color than the neck but the material is still the same.

Also, just so there is no confusion, while the neck somewhat appears to be attached to the vest in this pic, it is not as has been previously mentioned.

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Sorry, I meant different colored material - it definitely looks like the same fabric. Thanks Braks.
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For my neckpiece, I used the backside of my vest material which has a little less sheen to it and is slightly lighter in color. I weathered my vest to be a little darker and reduce some of the sheen (so I wouldn't look like an "intergalactic jogger" ;)).
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Hey, VERY nice neckseal!!! Please PM me if you (actually,
Mrs.TK-409 :) ) decides to do any more!

take care,

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wonderfull neckseal there TK-409. If you dont mind my asking, what did you, (I mean Mrs. TK-409) use for batting/interfacing, or did you use any at all? I've been grappling with how to get my neck seals to have the right baggy/overlapping pleat look, & they always look too stiff, or to loose. Yours looks perfect bud! any insight/help would be greatly appreciated,
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Very nice job on the neck seal. The thickness and pleats look fantastic. You're a luck fella Mr. TK-409. My compliments to the Misses.
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TK-409 very nice neckseal. Count me in if MRS. TK-409 will make an accurate one.
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