TK-32700's ESB Boba WIP


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Hi! Simon here, and I'm a member of the 501st, Nordic Garrison. I'm currently working on an ESB Boba Fett. I will post here from time to time, and I hope to hear some thoughts and advice along the way!

Inventory list, completed:
- Boots: Imperial Boots
- Girth belt: white mohair from Victory Canter, dyed maroonish brown
- Holster: Nemrod rubber replica from Bobamaker
- Belt: Delta13
- Shin Tools: 3D-printed from Toolguy / CSB Props on Shapeways

Inventory list, todo:
- Flight suit, vest, neck seal: Arkady
- Gloves: Mike M
- Braids: Woodsman
- Cape: MoW
- Jetpack harness: Bigdane
- US Divers replica buckle, JP hooks and clips: Full Metal Fett
- Chest display: Fettronics
- EE3: Stormrider with muzzle from Sidewinder.

On order:
- Helmet, armor, gauntlets, jetpack.

- Sidearm
- Various strapping, fasteners, screws, glue and so on.
- other items?
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These past few days I've been weathering my boots. I've never done any weathering before, so it's a bit daunting. Hopefully I'm on the right track? Please let me know what you think.





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What did you use? They look good!
Thank you!

I first went over the boots with 120 grit sandpaper. Just with a light touch.

Next I used acrylic paint. I painted the mid-stripe with a paintbrush and Black paint. And then a mix of Black, White and Deep Grey for the overall boot with a mix of Deep Grey and Burnt Umber for the sides. For this I used an airbrush -- for the first time ever!

The first coat did not look so hot. After letting that dry, I used a wet cloth on the boots to dampen them a bit before the next few coats. This made the paint blend much better. I will definitely use wet-on-wet on the jumpsuit!

For the soles I used Yellow Ochre on a mostly dry paintbrush, just painted stripes randomly down the middle of the sole. I then used a wash of Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber and Deep Grey to blend these stripes and make the soles look grimy.

Since posting I have also fastened the toe spikes. On these I used a wash of Black and Burnt Umber, which I let sit for a minute or two before wiping off.


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Progress update: I have dyed my mohair girth belt. I used a waterbased wood stain.

Staining the belt was easy, but it took longer than I expected to dry. It hung for two days before I could touch it and about a week before it stopped being sticky.

The CRL states "gold/brass buckles" for basic approval. Mine were metallic gray, so I needed to paint them. After cleaning off the stain, I sprayed the buckles with flat gray primer and then antique gold. The paint was a bit runny, so I hope I don't end up with ugly drops. I've just done a second coat.





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Shin tools!

I'm looking for the Paterson squeegee and mixer, but haven't found any yet. (Most online providers are too expensive when importing to Norway.) Until I find the original parts, I guess 3D printed versions will suffice. I got mine from Toolguy via Shapeways.

These last few days I've been sanding, painting and weathering. Not entirely sure I managed to match the correct colors, but I'm pretty happy with the result.