Time for another bucket progress thread


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Well, its about time for me to start working on my own stuff again. Gotta get this bucket done. I will post pics of the progress, unless it gets bad:lol:

Ok, here she is before. Its a standard DP 96-

First cut out the crummy stock visor-

Then I sand her a bit and hit it with a coat of primer-

Then I apply the silver-
The silver is actually bumper chrome spraypaint, its made by Plasti-kote. The stuff is awesome, I highly recomend it. It would also be perfect for a Jango. Ok, time for more updates-

Panzer olive green applied along with the kill stripes

Then some Euro dark green

Upper cheeks done in PRR Brunswick green

And the mandables done with a mix of Boxcar red, with a little bright red added
I am going for a ROTJ costume. I'm sure this won't be high on the list of awesome painted buckets on this forum, but I am at least hoping for something better than it was stock. Well, I put another coat of red on it that it needed, you can see in the pics. I gotta do the ears yet. Almost time for the real fun to begin- battle damage. Of course looking at it, makes me wanna start with the dent first. I'm sure everyone gets that
mrgr8ness, I sent you a PM about your helmet. just a couple simple questions that these people on another forum couldn't seem to answer.
Your helmet looks great too. good job.
Well, got a little bit of damage done, along with the weathering. I used a packet of RIT dye for the weathering- $1.99. Mix part of the packet with water to create a wash, leave the rest of the packet as powder to use in place of pastel powder. Then I gave a misting of grey and black spraypaint. Got most of the main damage done to the mandables and cheeks, still have to put in the fine scratches. Sigh..I only hope this is turning out better than stock-

Looking really good there!!!! Great idea with the rit dye for weathering!! Looks like its doing the trick. I also use the bumper chrome from plastic-coat for my base silver. Had good results also. Keep up the great work;)
Hehe "...Kitchen table as a workbench..." and I thought I was the only one!!! Seriously...nice job so far...I take it you are painting a ROTJ scheme? Your base colors looked tight and so far the battle damage you got going looks good. The scratches are the hardest and lengthiest part to do on either of the helmets cause so many of us want them to be dead on accurate. Keep up the good work and keep us posted. BTW...nice call on the RIT dye for making a wash...never would have thought of that.
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