*****Tim\'s MSH2 ESB Paint Job***** FINALLYQuality pics: 1/22

Tim Allen

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*****Tim's MSH2 ESB Paint Job***** FINALLYQuality pics: 1/22

Well i finally got the pictures developed. I took alot of pictures in different light setting to give you guys a good idea how the colors can really vary. Everything on the bucket is done now minus the ears.







All the colors where done w/ the ones Lee listed, i painted

it in layers (1 white primer, 3 layers chrome spray paint, 3

layers Panzer Olive Green) All the silver scratches where

done w/ a paint silver pen made by *pentel* its kinda of

expensive 6 bucks, but well worth it. Sorry for the crudeness

of the pictures, i took them w/ my buddies digital camer

which wasnt very good. Im almost done w/ the dome, i started

the kill stripes last night and i should be completely done

w/ the dome this afternoon and hopefully get some good

pictures up of all the detail. Once again sorry for bad

picture quality.


I still have a small amount of weathering to do around and above ths stripes but the jist of its done. When the rest of my paints arrive ill finish the base coats on everything else.
********UPDATE 3**********




Well ive got the "bulk" of the painting done, minus the ears, back of the helmet which i just started today, and the RF. The Mandibles color i had to mix a bit, i used the BoxCar Red that RS stated but it seemed waayyyy to brown, even in the different light it didnt look right. So i took a few dropps of just regular old testers red paint and mixed that in an air-brushed it on. For the back of the helmet, i also didnt care for the Euro 1 Dark green out of the can. The color seem way to close to the same color as the cheeks and dome, so i added some testors blue to it and mixed to the desired color and air brushed on. Unfortuantly these pics where taken w/ a really really bright flash so the colors are realllly distorted. Also for the left ear piece i didnt care for the out of bottle color that was recommended (RLM dark green) I was planning on just mixing a color to get the desired green but i found a random bottle of testors green sitting around that looks pretty close. I sprayed it on and it was perfect, . Ill try and get some better pics that show the "TRUE" colors of the helmet.Ive been working on this for about 2 weeks on and off, but probable for a grand total of 4 or 5 solid days. Once im finshed w/ the back and my visor arrives ill get some quality pics up......BTW i havnt fixed the kill stripes yet, their still to wide.

Questions, Suggestions......Thanks
-Tim Allen
You wanted suggestions well...

No offense but here's my suggestion: get some better pictures if you can. :lol: Seriously...I personally can't tell much of anything from those pics. If you want some constructive criticizm regarding your paint job then you really need to give us a better view. Sorry man, but about the only thing you can tell from those pics is that its definitely a Fett helmet. :)
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Will do man, gonna get my neighbor to let me barrow their camera and ill take some close shots of the detail. Hopefully get those up tonight. Thanks for your patience.

-Tim Allen
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Well, Tim don't have a digi cam, so the best we could do, was sit the helmet on the scanner...and throw a towel over it. We got a few good close ups of the Scratch and Dent.


You can see both very clearly right there. It looks amazing so far. All the details are crisp and clean and give a real sheer damage look to the bucket. Keep it up Timmy.
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looking very nice so far!! (y) Look forward to seeing more progress pics. Keep up the great work!:)
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Thanks for the comments guys, heres a few different angles of the helmet.


Ill get another update once ive started on the base coats for the back,cheeks,and mandables. Thanks again

-Tim Allen
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It looks very promising, Tim!

One nitpick:
The killmarks looks a bit thick. Yes, no?

With the new quality helmets floating around and peoples paint-skills the quality on Fett helmets are very high these days!

keep us posted:):)
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Yeh, the back kill marks are kinda thick. i put too many layers on them I think. Ill probable sand them down and bit and see how it looks. All those pictures where taking w/ flash as well so that may have somer weird effect on the way they look. That being said, ill see what i can do about the stripes and finish the dome up. Thanks for your input guys!

-Tim Allen
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Helmet is really lookin good Tim! Love to see a pic taken outside w/out the flash. keep up the great work!(y)
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