Things I know and things I need to know


New Hunter
Ok everyone on the off chance that I can either find someone to lay up a fiberglass bucket for me or even less likely decide to attempt one on my own, I need a few bits of advice. I know you need to have a tool (mold) from which to work, so this boils down to two basic questions.
1) What (inexpensive) mass produced helmet would be the best to use as a tool.
2) Would I have to modify it before I get it fiberglassed? (some sort of reinforcement or hardening process maybe?)

Thanks much.


New Hunter
Thank you good sir, however I've been talking to Sgt Fang about one of his, but that's till quite a bit of $$...oh well.


Sr Hunter
You CANNOT get a better deal on a good bucket than Sarge's resin kit.
You'd probably wind up paying almost as much for a Rubies. . . and there's no comparison as to quality.