Thermal Detonator

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes' started by Shadetec, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Shadetec

    Shadetec New Member

    My first Thermal Detonator

    Because its completly build Myseld the Thermal Detonator is Printet and the Counter ist build myself too.
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  2. Shadetec

    Shadetec New Member

    Today i want Too build the 2 Final Versions

    Version 1 with 5mm Rainbow LED
    Version 2 with Standart 3mm Red LED

    Then can i build something on Demand
  3. Shadetec

    Shadetec New Member

    Here ist the Rainbow Version
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  4. Doomkitten

    Doomkitten Jr Member

    Fancy fancy
  5. Shadetec

    Shadetec New Member

    And here are the Hyper Rainbow Version as Prototyp
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  6. RichHFB

    RichHFB Jr Member

    Some very nice work, keep the posts coming
  7. MilenkoFett

    MilenkoFett New Member

    Very cool. I might have figure out how to make one.
  8. Cplnobbie

    Cplnobbie New Member

    Wow love it
  9. Cwmarcom

    Cwmarcom Jr Member

    can you make one that plays music too?? lol
  10. Fixer

    Fixer New Member

    I like the electronics that you build in, really good!
  11. bojaGun

    bojaGun Member

    good work!
  12. MoogMan

    MoogMan Jr Member

    Awesome idea! You pulled it off well
  13. enaswede

    enaswede New Member

    I need to try an build one of these... all i have is the master replica version which is too expensive to take out of my house :(
  14. LifeOfTheMarty2

    LifeOfTheMarty2 New Member

    Looks great! I'm thinking of doing some electronic stuff too and this is giving me inspiration/ideas!
  15. enaswede

    enaswede New Member

    Cool Prop!!! These look 3d printed... any selling these out there?
  16. Sttryker

    Sttryker New Member

    I wonder how much would it cost to make one just like that

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  17. PD14

    PD14 Jr Member

    That's cool, this makes me want to make a thermal detonator for my Boba fett build.:)

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