TheRascalKing's ROTJ Fett WIP Build Thread!


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Hey all,

Finally getting around to starting a build thread for my ROTJ Fett. I am an active member of the Southern California Garrison, Orange County Squad of the 501st Legion as a Centurion ANH-S Stormtrooper, Imperator Imperial Staff Officer, and Heavy Weapons Trooper, but an ROTJ Boba Fett has always been my ultimate costume aspiration. I started putting pieces together late last year with the purchase of some secondhand armor parts and a vest, not really knowing what to look for or what I was getting into! The armor (which was still a great deal) ended up being syntra and not approvable, but the paint isn't the worst and will make a good placeholder for now. I will likely repaint it at some point and make a generic Mando Merc costume, but that's another thread haha

I am fortunate to be local to Carole of Arkady Designs and she was kind enough to fit me in person for my flight suit and soft goods. I can't endorse her enough - she makes a great product and is a super nice lady. Rubies helmet also a placeholder just for fun (I work at a Children's Hospital, so I have a bunch of the Rubies/Black Series/Voice-changer/etc. helmets in my office for kids to play with).


This is where I'm currently at!

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Mostly for my own tracking purposes, here is a list of my parts and purchases:

Helmet - Wasted Fett ROTJ FPH2 - PAINT NEEDED
Neck Seal - Arkady Designs (attached to flight suit)
Flight Suit - Arkady Designs
Vest - Arkady Designs
Girth Belt - Centaur Mohair belt (dyed using Minwax Crimson, black nylon straps added)
Ammo Belt - Purchased secondhand on TDH
Cape - Purchased secondhand on TDH
Gloves - Mike M. on TDH
Pouches and Spats - Arkady Designs
Boots - old-school Mark Cheng boots - purchased secondhand - TOE SPIKES NEEDED
Shin Tools - Scott's Props
Braids - Purchased secondhand on TDH

I still definitely need:

Body Armor + Knees + Shoulders - Wasted Fett?
Gauntlets - Wasted Fett?
Jet Pack - Wasted Fett? DVH?
Jet Pack Harness - bigdane on TDH?


EE-3 Blaster - (I plan on trooping often, so likely Hyperfirm or a rubber Stormrider)
Gauntlet Darts, Metal - Machine Craft Replicas
Collar Studs, Metal - Machine Craft Replicas
Gauntlet Light - crumdum on TDH?
Gauntlet Rocket, Metal - Machine Craft Replicas
JP Beacon, Metal - Machine Craft Replicas
JP Stabilizer, Metal - Machine Craft Replicas
RF Stalk Servo & Light - jc27 on TDH?

Anyways, let me know some of your initial impressions, if you have any suggestions or feedback, and if I'm forgetting anything obvious! I'm currently projecting to have this done by next Christmas, as I am on a very tight budget and only buying a part or two a month, tops. Thanks for the help and feedback, guys!

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You've definitely got a great shopping list there. Do your research, acquire the pieces at your own pace, and enjoy the ride :)

JC27 does great stalk servos and lights, btw!
For shin tools, just buy the paterson squeegee and make it yourself. MCR has the metal rods to make it complete.

Good luck!


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Nice, how much did those bad boys run you?
A surprisingly reasonable £30, plus £15 shipping to the US ($60USD or so total?). Came painted as you see. Pretty happy with em. Scott was a pleasure to deal with, responded and shipped fast, and they were packed securely. Would recommend.