The Tribe Weapons


New Hunter
I was looking at different weapons to have for a custom build and I've come back to the Westar-35s from TCW. The only problem is that I'm doing a realistic build not an animation style. That's when I noticed that Wookieepedia lists Chapter 3 - The Sin as an appearance for the weapon, and sure enough it looks like some of the mandos are using something along the lines of Westar-35s from the shape.


Here's the realistic version that a lot of people use (though it's an unofficial design):

I just wonder if there are more clear pics, or if clear pics will be released of the costumes and props.

Mythos Fenn

I would say that the fan re-creation of the realistic version may be your best bet for now in terms of clarity. However, as they continue to release episodes of the documentary, a better resolution photo or close up of some of the weapons used might show up on there.


New Hunter
Man I feel like an idiot. Went back and saw that the Death Watch mandalorians that rescue kid Din have what appear to be Westars as well, which makes sense. They seem so have a design akin to flared mag wells that most 3-gunners run for easy mag reloads on the ends of the grips.
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