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Hi everybody!

I just wanted to drop in and say hi! I am currently in Kuwait and I will be heading up to Baghdad in the next couple of days. Right now, everything is going smoothly. The internet connection out here is slow as heck, so I can't upload any pics right now. But I'll definately upload some when I get to Iraq.


Nope, the US phones work on different frequency than the ones over here. Kinda like NTSC and PAL.
I'm sending you the pics to post if you don't mind.

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Here are pics!


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It just amazes me you guys get internet!!!

I actually managed to spend $1,000 on hot topic's website when I was over there. Hard to believe but I actually miss being there:facepalm

Jango_Wes, stay safe, keep your head down, ect ect. Keep track of all your paperwork, I almost didn't get disability because my 1SG lost a sickcall slip.
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You're gonna have to change your location from "Seeker's basement" to something like "Sadaam's basement". Or how about "Location: I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you..."
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Nice suggestion on the location, thanks!

Not only do we have internet, we have Subway, a coffee shop, Burger King, KFC and several other stores. We are going to Camp Falcon in Baghdad and they have some of the same services.

For those wanting to send snail mail ( a Soldier LOVES to get mail) my addy will be:
SSG Wes Fussell
B Co/4-1 BSTB
Unit #42530
APO AE 09361

If you look close, you can see the camels in the background.

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Great to hear for ya, dude. Please continue to stay safe. And thanks for sharin' those pics ... pretty cool!(y)
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I know you said there's a few restaurants over there and a few other bastions of the civilized Western world, but if you want any particular goodies from the old US of A, post a wish list.

I think this bunch of bucket heads on this site can send a few items. ;)

Stay safe and fight the good fight.
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