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Hi, newbie here! First let me say, I love this site and the people have been great - very helpful. I have really learned a lot so far.

Last year my 8 year old son wanted to be Star Wars character for Halloween. So, I bought the costume pieces for a dark Anakin. Little did I know that it would ignite a costuming spark that had been dormant in my life for the last 25 years. So, I spent the last year building my own Vader costume because my wife (thankfully) would not let me buy a Rubies Supreme costume. She is kicking herself now, with over a thousand spent and I am still not done. Anyway, my son and I decided to work together (he mostly watches and complains about the paint smell) to put together a couple of Boba Fett costumes. The idea is to get his done (and learn something in the process) by Halloween. Then I have another full year to build mine.

I started with a white '95 DP helmet. I know it's not the best, but I needed something smaller than a regular bucket and wanted the slightly harder plastic and better shape. Even so, it still looks a little big on him (oh well, he'll grow into it :) )

The first thing I did was to fix the flare issue (not sure if I did it too much). I used some thin copper tubing which I cemented into the back, and then ran it around to the mandibles, as they had a tendency to keep bending back into the helmet. I fixed most of the surface problems using bondo and glazing putty. Cutting out the back vents has been hard (this plastic does not file well) and I still need to do more clean up there.

Bought all the paints and just put on my first color of Rustoleum Sage Green (hard to tell with these pics). I will probably use foam for the inside as I need to get the helmet up a bit on his head so he can see out. Anyway, I will keep posting for comments and helpful hints as the costume progresses (not sure the best place to post it).

Bought pieces from a few TDH'ers already for some of the other parts of the costume (thank you) and will post those pics as well as we make progress. Still a long way to go in the next three months and appreciate any help/advice you can provide. Anyway, here a couple of pics of the helmet so far. Is the flare too much?

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Thought I would do mine as an ESB and my son's as ROTJ. He likes the more colorful version.

Finding more problem with these 95's than I thought there would be. Just bought some great decals which are too large for the 95. So, probably have to hand paint those. Probably should have spent the extra money and bought one of the nicer smaller helmets to avoid some of the other issues I am running into. Hindsite is always 20/20 :) Though, before I came to TDH I never even knew that anyone made nice helmets in smaller sizes. Anyway, this will be good to get my painting skills back up to speed.

Did have some problems removing the tape last night. Some tiny bits of the Sage paint came up with the tape. I went back in and touched it up by hand but will have to wet sand it a little to blend the edges.

My wife has the digital camera so not sure I will be able to post much progress over this week, but I will see what I can figure out. Mostly just going to clean up some things and get the base coats on anyway. More to come...
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