The Mandalorian's Boots

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Some of this has been discussed in another forum on another website, but I figured I would share info I have learned from there to here.

Looks like his boots are Sketchers Blaine Orsen Ankle Boots covered in leather and I'm not quite sure whats going on with the inner part of his boots. (see pics)


boot 3.png

boot 2.png

boot 1.png

Jayben Kenobi

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Bumping this thread for discussion. So, I don't work with leather and in the surrounding area where I live doesn't have a lot of people that do. I've checked and they are more into making items for typical leather uses (bikers, etc.)

I wanted to pick the brains of the members of the forum to see how you all plan on converting the boots over. What methods are you all thinking about using? Also, can anyone make out whats going on with the inner part of his boot? It seems like a piece of leather that is a different color and it almost appears to have a a Velcro enclosure or something.


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So in my other non Boba cosplay world I’ve made boot covers, and gaiters... I’m not sure what’s going on here with his because the sole and colors look close, and you can kind of see an indentation that looks like the same shape as the elastic side, so if I had to suppose what’s happening is that they glued/attached a flexible leather pattern over the actual boot, and that inside thing is in fact probably just a Velcro or some kind of enclosure that way the cover could be partially undone so he can take his foot out..
my other thought when looking up this boot is that I saw a few other no name online companies make something similar with the same sole... if that’s the case that strap may just be a spat to hide any zippers.

That’s just my two cents

Jayben Kenobi

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Good input! Where would you order your leather from?

I'm thinking once I source the leather, I could get some Barge contact cement and glue it to the boot in sections. To get the stitches shown on the leather, I'm thinking I would make false stitches by threading the leather in the appropriate areas before gluing it to the boot.


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Crowprops (from the link) is Giovanni Rodriguez, its the same boot/person .. just a heads up.

His stuff is very very good, he had some issues some years ago, but he stepped up and rectified that.


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Yea i know he had issues and I had to hound him to death for certain items, bit rough communication but I did get my product.


So like with the biker scout boots, it looks like the Sketchers was a base and they sewed a custom leather upper on it. Thoughts?