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Spoilers for those who haven't seen episode 7 of season 2!

Ok so since I saw Boba's new look in episode 7 I instantly fell in love with it. So I wanted to get started right away compiling information of what has changed even if it is minor. The first major thing is that his EE-3 has been repaired and the greeblies on it and a few parts have been changed. Sadly Boba doesn't use it at all in the most recent episode and he carries it the same way in every shot he's in with it so i can only really post one picture without it getting repetitive. Here is what I have so far.


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Things I've picked up on:

Totally different boots. They're more like Din's, but not exactly and have spats almost like a WW2 boot.
His gloves are Din's but black, along with black armor pieces on the back of the hands.
He has that ammo belt from last week's episode when he is in the cockpit and Din tells him the planet to go to, otherwise it looks like he has a new belt that is sorta like his ESB belt with the little pouches but looked like it has a buckle in the middle. The little pouches aren't the same as what he had before.
The rifle has a lot more bits added, the scope is closer to the body of the rifle, and the fins down the barrel are silver.
Helmet and armor are obviously repainted, but there are still little scratches and wear marks hear and there.
Jetpack looks like ESB markings.
Has the rope/girth belt under the ammo belt, Jango style
The armor vest is now dark brown and the sleeves are a lot shorter. The shoulder bells are no longer attached to that, but rather on the jumpsuit and the short vest sleeves barely hang over the top of the shoulder bells.
Jumpsuit is same dark brown, but still has the long and short sleeves. The short sleeves are a tighter fit than the ESB and ROTJ suits. As mentioned, the shoulder bells are attached to the shorter sleeve rather than the armor vest. I can't tell if the 'robe' parts that drape over the legs is part of this jumpsuit. Also the hood is like a scarf.
He had only one knee armor piece last week but now has both. They appear to have slipped down to his boots when he descends Slave One's ramp.
No cod piece that I could see.

That's it off the top of my head. I'm sure others can get into more detail.
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The ESB-style jetpack has the same patch/repair as the RotJ one. The RotJ jetpack minus rocket is sitting on the floor by the window when Mayfeld, Frennic, Dune and Djarin are sitting on the deck below the cockpit. Also there is a rectangular hole in the backplate now.


Nice catch!

I wonder if that is something of a continuity error since in that same scene, Boba is wearing his belt from The Tragedy. Having a jetpack visible from that episode kinda makes sense, when he has the ESB jetpack whenever wearing the newer belt.


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The the patch is also visible on the green jetpack is kinda strange. First thought was that maybe they only used one mold for all the jetpacks and the the patch is molded into the pack, but that doesnt make sense, since there are other Jetpacks on the show (Dins) that do not have the patch.


yeah, Din's jetpack is really different. Boba's armor ended up being really unique since most, if not all, the other Mandalorians shown so far have armor based off what Din started with. Axe Woves had that same style armor with a more Boba shaped helmet.

I lean toward the day they shot the bit with everyone in the lower cockpit and Boba in the upper cockpit was simply a different one than when he came down the ramp and onward. That's why I feel it's more a continuity issue as it's a prop mix-up more than saying he has multiple jetpacks/helmets/armors. If that were the case, why wouldn't he have been wearing that alternate stuff before?