The Mandalorian pistol kit


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Hi all!
I rarely work on personal projects these days, but I completed a new blaster and wanted to show it off. :)
This is a 3D printed kit of the Bergmann-based pistol from The Mandalorian. I got the kit from TraywickDesigns on Etsy. Here's the kit as it arrived.


It came with real hardware, and it can be built with a spring loaded trigger and hammer!

This was my first time working with a 3D printed kit and it did take some pretty tedious prep to smooth out the print layers. A couple of coats of filler primer and a couple of evenings with some sandpaper took care of that.

The build was straightforward enough. Most assembly was done with CA glue, and a couple of parts like the grips, trigger, and hammer were secured with the supplied screws. Here's an overall look.

20190911_192438.jpg 20190911_192558.jpg

I used 3 different metallic shades over a coat of satin black to achieve the look of a well worn gun.

20190911_192913.jpg 20190911_192658.jpg 20190911_193037.jpg 20190911_193139.jpg

And... working features! So cool.

20190911_193750.jpg 20190911_194005.jpg

All in all, a really fun build. Well, apart from that pesky sanding!

I'm looking forward to seeing this baby in action in November! (y)
Thanks for looking.

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Nice! Got one myself but I'll be out country for the next couple of months. But I totally agree, Chad does come out with some nice prints. My first purchase from him was the Dredd Lawgiver and it looks amazing, out of the box, KIT form. Go figure!


Is your first picture of the kit before sanding or after? Looks really clean! The whole thing looks great finished too!


Sr Hunter
Thanks! The first picture is before any sanding. The print lines weren't like horrible or anything, but they had to be smoothed out.


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Thanks. :) I built this a little bit before the show even premiered because I thought it was so cool looking!