The Mandalorian inspired TDH Logo


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I know this looks like a direct ripoff of The Mandalorian TV show logo, but I really like how it looks, this is why it did our version as a homage . Also don't forget that a while ago we had a TDH logo that mimicked a Charlie's Angel pose. Let me see if I can find that old image.... OK, got the image:

Warm colors version v1:
TDH Mandalorian Logo Warm Colors.jpg

TDH Mandalorian Logo Warm Colors Contour.jpg

Warm colors version v2:
TDH Mandalorian Logo Warm Colors v2.jpg

TDH Mandalorian Logo Warm Colors Contour v2.jpg

Cold colors version:
TDH Mandalorian Logo Cold Colors.jpg

TDH Mandalorian Logo Cold Colors Contour.jpg

Black and White version:
TDH Mandalorian Logo BW.jpg


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I really like that logo. I have no idea what the rules are on here about using TDH logos on hats/shirts or other things, BUT if there is interest and it is allowed I can talk to my sister-in-law that runs a hat embroidery business and get a proof made. They would probably be $25-$30 shipped I'm guessing. Thoughts?



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I like the Warm 0ne and I really like the hat with the white print !!! It shows up much better !!!