Want to Buy The Full Fett / 501st approved

Lucksy31 - ESB Helmet Decals


Jr Hunter
I know this is a long shot, but if anyone around my size (in the neighborhood of 5'8" / 173 cm tall) wants to sell a complete Boba Fett costume, I'd like to hear from you. My preference would be for ESB, but I'm open to other variants, too.

I don't have the space, tools, or skills to do this myself, and before I commission something I want to see if buying second hand may be an option to save time and also help someone else out if the timing is right. I'm planning to commission a helmet either way, so that is not required in the package. The same can be true for the Pulce and Webley – if I need to handle those myself that's no problem.

My goal is to join the 501st so that I can do some volunteer work once the pandemic subsides, so I will want the kit to be in good condition and ready for approval.

Thanks for reading, and please PM with interest.

Lucksy31 - ESB Helmet Decals