the first of many customs my friends want me to do

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since i've gotten into boba costuming, several of my friends have come to me with requests to make them custom mando's. well, here's the journey that one rubies collectors jango helmet made from the crappy stock paint job, to a much betterer (imo) custom one. you'll have to forgive the pics, they were taken with my camera phone, so they kinda look like poop.

this is pretty much how the helmet looked when i got it out of the package. so far here all i've done is stretched it and taken the rangefinder off

sanded it down and masked the visor area for painting

the base coat of silver

here it is, almost finished in a new custom paint job.

there were a few steps in there that i didn't take pictures of, like the 2 hours i spent masking the damage spots before putting down a couple coats of white, or when it was all white, or when it was just white and black before pulling the masking off to reveal the damage. but anyway, let me know what you think of that. i may end up doing a couple more customs for some of my friends and might want to post pics of them too.
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i've got the rf back on, and all the painting done. just waiting on christmas to give this to my friend. i'm going to try to get a better digicam before i post any more pics. stay tuned for that over the next couple days. (and as soon as i can find a garage that i can work in, i'll start putting up pics of the custom color armor that will be going with the helmet)
looks good man.You could shave off a lot of time by using mustard for the damage marks.Just let the silver dry real good mustard all your damage, and when the top coat dries, simply use a wet green dish scrubber and gently rub off the mustard(the mustard forms a crust when it dries so a wet scrubber is ideal).
works like masking fluid, but oh so much cheaper.I use it exclusively for all my weathering needs.For the fine scratches and such I would do those topically.
Keep up the good work.The more you do the better you get.
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Looking good! Is that a Behringer Equalizer in the background?:lol:
it's the box for my crossfader, the dx626. and it's sitting on top of the shipping boxes for my babies, a pair of numark cdx's. this is what they look like all set up.

wickedbeard - i just used masking tape. tore it up and put a little bit here, a little bit there. it took forever cuz i was trying to decide where to put all the little bits of damage.
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