the crappiest ebay buy ive ever purchased...


i was planning on making a custom mando so i paid 43 dollars for a helmet on ebay, right? well when i got it, it looked ok...but the back was so far bent in i cant put it on, and the side is ripped...i looked over the pictures of it, and ironicly, no pictures of the back, or the sides, just an overhead view...not to mention the front is warped on the bottom, the dome is out of shape, i mean it looks like someone let it sit in the sun all week and then decided to put it up on ebay...tis bullocks i say :angry ...anyway, any ideas on fixing it? i was thinking about letting one of my uncle's friends fix the cut with a plastic welder, and sticking it in the oven and shaping it a bit...what do you guys think?...and i dont have a heat gun but i plan on getting one tomorrow, and some metal shaping rod - ? - for the helmet once i fix it entirely.
It's probably a Rubies or DP. A little heat will fix the warpage, but the rip might be harder to fix. Once you have glued it, reinforce the inside with fiberglass.
yeah it was a bloody dp 96, but i was just going to use this to start my way into mando costuming lol ive never done one before. and i was going to let my uncle's friend use a plastic welder to fix the cut...or posibly a propane tourch lol (jk)
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