The 501st doesn't have bounty hunters in it...


Yeah, that was a conversation I had at a local Deli tonight.
I have a Boba Fett wallet with a a mandalorean lil symbol on it. For the first time EVER... when I went to pay for my sandwich, someone said "hey, that's a boba fett wallet!" I immediately felt that this guy was my long lost wonder twin. lol. So we struck up a conversation, he asked if I was going to a few of the upcoming local conventions... which I had no idea of, so that was nice. I told him that I wasn't, but that I was cleaning up my RoTJ Boba Fett suit, because I had to go up to walk around at a charity event alongside some 501st guys in September, for my nephew's cancer research fundraiser that they do every year in his hometown. I told him that I was like.. 99% ready to try to submit my suit for approval, I just needed to get one of my shin tools painted the right scheme (it's esb at the moment).

He told me "dude.... if you want to be boba fett, you're going into the wrong organization, ditch the 501st, they don't allow bounty hunters"
I was confused... "umm.... yeah they do. You can be a bounty hunter in the 501st"
"no, no you can't. you have to join the mandalorean mercs, you should look those guys up on google, they are where you have to join to be a bounty hunter"

Me: "The mandalorean mercs are for folks that make random, cool looking mandalorean suits... you can be in the 501st as jango, boba, or any other bounty hunter that's in the films or in any Canon source.."

Him: "no dude, no you can't, the 501st is the wrong fit for you..."

then they called my order and I left.

That was just.... weird.
Someone who KNOWS about the 501st, knows about the mandalorean mercs, you'd think that if someone knew that small niche of nerd-dom, that they would obviously know the difference between the two.
It was just... weird. I went from being all excited that I'd met someone who recognized the decal from boba fett's chest armor, on my wallet, to confused that the guy was saying you can't be a bounty hunter in the 501st. *head scratch*

That's all.....just... random.

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you should have sent him to the BHG, ya know, the 501st bounty hunters detachment. lol


Yeah that’s just crazy he knew all those details and not one of the easier ones. It is fun however that he recognized your wallet , when I’m on vacation I always have a few Star Wars shirts and love talking to fellow fans and 501 st future and present members. Met a few really nice people over the years.