Shin Tools The 4th Shin Tool (Another Theory)


Hi I’m Bobert!
Talking to JB last night about some Boba Fett related items and the 4th shin tool came up. The last real “unknown” part we’ve been looking for. We know that the closet guess we have is possibly a Shure Microphone from the 60s being the long lost shin tool. Other items discussed have been other types of microphones or metal rods. During our talk JB made an excellent point that everything on the costume seemed intentional and that there was some method to the madness.

That got me wondering that there are themes to the “found parts” on the costume. Examples are the metal pieces from the Michell turntables and the Paterson pieces. That got me thinking about the dental files and expanders. What if the missing shin tool could be a vintage dental drill? I quickly searched for some images and found these beauties. I’m trying to confirm the length and circumference as we speak. Once the arm is removed it could resemble the same side, shape, and circumference of the shin tool or at least another drill of the same type. Thoughts? Am I crazy?



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