The 1994 SCREAMIN' vinyl Fett model kit - Beginning build.


I suppose this is sort of a "costume", in that it's a whole Fett build? : )
Well, if the godz decide to move it, that's cool.
But here it on the old 1994 SCREAMIN' Prod Ltd BOBA FETT vinyl model.
In the interim between real Fett helm paint jobs, a buddy of mine "gave" this to me to do as a project, since he had it all this time and never did anything with it!
Keeps my Fett painting chops up, plus something new in a mini scale to test out.
I've seen lots of these, and other minis and busts, and no one really ever went to screen accurate lengths on these. (correct colors, scheme, etc).
To start, all pieces have been cut from their bases, and the excess molding vinyl had been cut off.
What a severe P.I.T.A. THAT was, I'll tell ya!
Idk who the noodleheads were that designed up that method of making parts for a vinyl model!

Anyway, all washed, dried, and of course I'm tackling the helm first.
Primer already added, sanded, and the silver base coat is drying.
Will test out between Tamiya USAF Olive Drab, or Krylon Italian Olive for final "Fett green" , tomorrow.

This looks like fun, stay tuned!


Taped and ready for the upper cheeks.
Navy with light black mist on top.
Upper cheeks done.
A little tape pull off on the line on the left cheek, but all is well, as it gets silver scuff damage right there later anyway, biggie.

20200916_093836.jpg 20200916_142930.jpg
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All base colors are applied and the surface weathering and damage painting has begun.
My Hasbro Black Series Return of the Jedi Fett paint up looming in the background monitor for paint reference.
Stopping here for the night.
Just wanted to get some weathering on to get it going.
Will most likely attack more of this over the weekend.


Helmet is complete.
Visor and antenna in place.
Now ( cracking my knuckles...the body painting begins....)


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Well....progress so far!
Got all base colors, silver damaging, detail colors, and some light fabric weathering done as per ROTJ ,even though the kit is an ESB design.
Some final pin point coloring , weathering and details to come, and applying the Fett decals that came with the kit, are to come later, along with the cloth cape.
Next few days will be building painting and adding the nozzles and rocket head on the backpack, and adding the plastic tubing for the flame thrower gauntlet, the whistling birds rocket launcher on the wrist, and the pouches around the beltline, ( but that's LATER, when the torso is attached to the legs.)
And most importantly, the helmet is complete.
I will be matte finishing everything at the final end.
Then I gotta fabricate a custom base to mount him on.
I have my ideas......

121549175_10221612035961788_8754468188904681536_n.jpg 121653742_10221612036481801_2625196175740964025_n.jpg 20201013_174413.jpg 20201018_125634.jpg 20201020_004247.jpg 20201020_004316.jpg 20201020_004334.jpg 20201020_004349.jpg 20201020_004405.jpg 20201020_004445.jpg 20201020_004502.jpg 20201020_004536.jpg 20201020_004108.jpg 20201020_004123.jpg 20201020_004140.jpg 20201020_004203.jpg
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