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This is my first time posting on this site. I have been using all the information and image resources for the last couple of months to build my son a Jango Fett costume for Halloween this year. It took more than a 100 hours to complete but was a lot of fun to build. I would like to thank all the members posting photos and sharing their building techniques. I had to learn a lot of new skills to complete this project and couldn't do it with out all of you. I thought I would share some photos of the project. I wish I would have taken more of the building process but I didn't really think about it. The pics posted are from a test fit. I was about 90% finished with the project at this time. I was going for a more grungy Jango Fett. It is heavily weathered to make him look like he just got back from a long journey. The jetpack is as accurate as I could make it with the parts I had on hand.
Thanks again and enjoy the photos.
looking forward to building something better next year.

MKP_0008-Edit.jpg jango fett costume.jpg MKP_0024-Edit.jpg MKP_0031-Edit.jpg


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Oh my god is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great


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Thanks everyone. He is loving the costume and wants to wear it every day. I have received a lot of requests for next year for costumes for his friends :)