Thank you SkyGunBro - LOVE IT!


I received my "soft parts" from SGB today, simply amazing!

SGB is definately a great one to do business with, great communication through each step of the process. I can't wait to receive my Helmet and Jet Pack from SGB!

SGB made/painted my helmet, and painted (did not make) my jet pack. Should be a great treat!

The pictures below are the "clean version" of the suit. I eventually will dirty it up a bit to give a more worn look. Super stiches, super fit - 5 STARS!





The pictures don't do the stuff justice - they really are amazing!
Note: the neck seal is not a part of the suit - it is a separate piece. I just have it set up as if it was being worn. The vest even has cut-outs in the back for my jet pack harness!


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Yes I have a SGB jumpsuit I got him to sew me with some material i sent him and im quit happy with it. and yes the neckseal velcro closure goes in front. It also has a small metal hook clamp at the very top if your gonna go super accurate.


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Tim Allen said:
TK did you send him that material for the Jumpsuit or is that the one he supply's for the ESB suits?

The material was a special request from me. I didnt know what material He used so I decided to send my own.