General Thank you Dented Helmet


I just wanted to give a big thank you to all the members here on TDH that helped me transform my Boba Fett cosplay into something respectable.

RKD for the armor
animefan for the helmet
MoW for the boots and shin tools
Arkady for the soft parts
and all you all for your knowledge


It may not be as good as some others, but I'm happy with it.


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That's the most impressive before and after comparison I've ever seen. Dedication! The RotJ looks great. Seriously.


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BTW... this thread reminds me that we so stress out about relatively minor details. I have completely scrapped paint jobs because the color wasn't the shade that I wanted... not the wrong color, just the wrong shade.

But in the end, very few people can see the minor details and know whether they are "correct" or not.

The Fett on the left looks like a homemade Fett costume to the untrained eye. The Fett on the right looks like the real deal. Since I am building an ESB, I know all of the tiniest details. I don't know ROTJ, so the Fett on the right looks correct to me.

Just a reminder that the details that we work on matter to the artist himself and maybe 50 other people. To everybody else, I don't think I have seen many Fetts on this Board that wouldn't pass for 99.9% of the public.


Thanks for the kind words all!

Over time I plan to upgrade to aluminium parts and tweak little things, but for now my wallet needs a rest.