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I am now working on the cummberbund and wondering how the skirt and the cummberbund are attached together? I was first hanging the skirt on a leather belt with holes and thinking of having the cummberbund on the top held with velcro. I am not very satisfied with this method. The result is too thick while on the original costume the cummberbund is stuck to her body. How you guys are you handling this problem?
They are not attached together on our costume. On ours, the belt holding the skirt actually goes underneath the vest and the cummerbund on top of that.
Making a new vest and cummerbund right now, will have more info in a month or so. I am planning the vest to go under the skirt and belt to help anchor it from puffy edges (especially after sitting). I am also adding boning to the vest to help hold the sides flat.

Becky got a thick leather belt and looped the skirts leather thongs over that. She wear that as a skirt belt combo then the Zam umberbund goes over the leather belt :)

Sew or glue a strip of thick leather behind the Zam cumberbund to give it some strengh for when you hang the holster etc off it. Otherwise it sags ;)
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