TDH Newbies...Here is the best place to find a Fett Helmet

Tyler Durden

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E-bay. Period.

Please take a moment to read the reasons behind this policy.

For one, the "where to find a helmet" question gets asked so often and with the same responses that it becomes über repetitve.

Secondly, if someone should find a place on that web that sells Don Post helmets, I can almost guarantee that the link will be posted on this board. In fact as places stock Rubies or DP helmet, I'll be sure to post those links in this thread.

Third, any helmet produced outside of Don Post or Rubies is very illegal. So as a prop community, we must be cautious when a new member with no prior history joins the board and begins asking questions such as "where can I find a fibreglass recast helmet" or "who makes such and such." Replication and sales of Star Wars/LFL intellectual property is a copyright infringment, hence it is is illegal. LFL has been very generous in looking the other way for certain replicas, and we don't want to throw that leeway back into their face.

As a newbie, it is important for you to establish yourself in the community, get involved, use the private message service, and you might just find what you are looking for.

The policy isn't designed to insult or be snobbish to newbies. It's instilled for our own protection as a community.

For example, if you hear about a "GF" helmet and you are wondering what that is, here is a example of why the helmet policy (and an all-round TDH policy) is in place:

GF was making excellent Stormtrooper armor, as well as other Imperial items (he was also starting to make the molds for what would have been the best Fett stuff out there.) Then he started making armor that was pulled from a real trooper suit, LFL found out about it and sent GF a C&D order for him to stop producing stuff, and he ignored it and continued to make armor.

LFL then hit him with a lawsuit that would have cost him $100,000 for EACH violation of its copyright infringmants. This could have cost him possibly millions of dollars in fines and possibly jail time as well.
A few of the RPF members that are lawer's stepped in for GF's defence and worked carefully with LFL to help him get a reduced sentence. I have no idea what to was ever settled on, but it wasn't the worst case as mentioned above.

During this time, all the prop and costume dealers either went out of business or went underground fearing they would suffer the same fate as GF. Before the GF/LFL situation, posts with items for sale or posts of projects for future sale were rampant. It was basically a flea market or buffet table of props, with little or no regard to the legal licensee.

Since the GF situation, prop dealers have been extremely cautious in advertising their goods for fear of incurring LFL's wrath. There are a few dealers who will make offers from time to time, but this is done at their own risk. However, the once blantant prop trade had been silenced.

LFL and the other big movie studios know about these boards, and we are monitored very carefully. This HAS been proven during the GF and LFL case.

Studios like Paramount or Viacom with it's Star Trek licence have recently sent lawers and the police into cons with C&D orders where people were selling unlicensed props and confiscated the unlicensed props.
For this reason and to respect LFL, people should not mention the names or places for collecting your bounty.

Thank You.
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