TDH inspired Fett cameo in writing competition entry!


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Maybe this sort of thing isn't for this page, but I recently happens onto a website hosting a writing competition about the formative years of Darth Vader's fearsome reputation following his rise to power. I've entered three times so far and have fallen short every time, but here was my first entry (2000 words or less, so it was kind of hard to come up with something cohesive that adhered to the guidelines) with a cameo from everyone's favorite (young at the time of writing) bounty hunter! I had about 12 hours to brainstorm and write it, plus my grammar and punctuation leave a lot to be desired. Anyway, I hope you enjoys first foray into writing:

-Bit 2, Jedi Ankor-

The celebrations on the smugglers moon, Nar Shaddaa, were pure chaos. Enough to allow an inconspicuous transport for the newly founded Galactic Empire unnoticed passage to enter and land in a remote area of the giant city scape. As the craft settled, the entry ramp unfolded, revealing a lone, dark figure. His cape whipped in the wind as his relaxed, but menacing gait carried him across the landing platform, resting high above the dingy streets of the now overwhelmingly festive Correllian sector. Darth Vader stood waiting in the crimson light of a blood moon, his already large silhouette casting a long shadow toward the landing craft behind him. Moments later, a lean muscled man in worn swoop racing attire approached Vader in a brisk, over confident stride. An Imperial informant, bought with promises of special treatment or a fast track to officer school, perhaps.

"They're on level 33, sir. All three of them." The man informed.

"I expected more from someone of your claimed connections." Vader replied, a stern sound of disappointment in his mechanical voice. "I expect results to make up for a lackluster turnout"

"Of course, sir!", Tension beginning to take hold of the mans cocky bravado.

"...and I am most displeased with your punctuality. I find your for respect for such power...underwhelming." Vader says, concluding the conversation, and the man's life, with a slow pinch of his fingers, leaving the youth a curled, gargling slump on the landing platform.


"He is here", the elegant woman announced to four other figures in the holographic projection field before her.
Ankor, a beautiful middle aged Warf, thinly built and humanoid in appearance stood nearly two meters tall, with a perfect complexion of light blue-gray. Short brown hair, almost fur like, began in a widows peak and ran in a wide strip down the back of her neck ending directly between her shoulder blades. Her face bore sharp, refined facial features which were accented by darker gray stripes, almost appearing to be shadows and her orange irises complimented her pale skin. She disguised herself in a modest smugglers outfit to better hide her from the Empire.
Ankor's motions were fluid, her voice soothing as she spoke. The figures she spoke to were three Jedi: knights Krayn Voore, a Kel Dor male; Rin St'rhys, a large Kaleesh male; and none other than Obi-Wan Kenobi, along with Senator Bail Organa.

Aside from the recent whirlwind of events surrounding the Old Republic reforming into the Galactic Empire, Organa sought to begin a rebellion against the Empire and was seeking sympathizers. Jedi Master Ankor was trying to locate and regroup remaining Jedi, after meeting with Darth Vader to discuss an agreeable end to the dreaded "Order 66". Vader had agreed to come unarmed and alone, though he was notoriously dangerous despite these circumstances, certainly not to be trusted.

"I'm afraid I must cut our meeting short, senator", Ankor cautioned, "We cannot risk the discovery of the rebellion, nor that you are a sympathizer.", and with a nod, Senator Organa disappeared from the hologram.

"Master Obi-Wan, I'm sure you have foreseen your inevitable meeting with this new dark lord of the Sith. I wish you luck in your confrontation. May the force be with you", Ankor said.

"As to you, Master Ankor. May the force be with you." Obi-Wan said, bidding the attendants of this secret meeting farewell.

"Jedi Knights Krayn and Rin, I'll rendezvous with you at these coordinates after this meeting if all goes well.", she said, transmitting the coordinates to her allies.


Three bounty hunters stood in the lobby outside of the service lift on level 33 of the dank, run down office complex before Darth Vader. A Trandoshan named Cradossk, leader of the bounty hunters guild, and his son Bossk. The third hunter was an average size human male, not with the guild. But his armor was what made him stand out. The Mandalorian armor this man donned, only a partially complete and multi-colored set, was a virtual patchwork compared to what Vader had seen as Jedi Anakin Skywalker. A green helmet with a red accent surrounding that famous T-visor hid any expression the man may have given.

"We've intercepted a transmission that says two Jedi knights should rendezvous with Master Ankor on a moon near the Ord Mantell system. You will report directly to me once you have dealt with the wanted, they may be dead or alive. You are free to use any methods necessary." , touted the Dark Lord, dismissing the hunters with a wave, as he departed for the lift.


Half of a standard hour had passed since Ankor began her meditation following her meeting with the disbanded Jedi and defecting senator. She was calm, despite the strong sense of the dark side approaching her makeshift headquarters. She opened her eyes moments before the large, ominous figure stepped through the doorway.

"Greetings, I've been expecting you, former Master Skywalker.", She said slyly.

"Hiding in plain sight is a clever trick for a less formidable adversary. You are either arrogant, or ignorant to underestimate your foe, Jedi.", Vader jabbed back.

"Pleasantries aside, I am curious as to what you can hope to accomplish with your newfound tyrannical power. Bend people to your will? Planets? Systems?", She inquired.

"I do what the weakened republic could not. The Jedi are no longer who they claim to be. Order has been restored and the clone wars brought to an end. I have done what I must for the greater good.", he claimed.

"At what cost? You are a mere puppet to the Emperor, he uses the dark side to control you. Hunting Jedi, killing younglings?! Surely you must see that! You have the power to right your wrongs! You can put an end to this madness!", She pled.

"I am all powerful, now. I control my own destiny. Something the Jedi tried to keep from me! ", His anger building. "I can save lives as easily as I can take them! I was lied to, betrayed by those I trusted, my surrogate family. Lied to because they feared my power. Because they wanted to use me for their own selfish gains!", His gloved, mechanical fists now clenching.

"Master Skywalker, I know of your marriage, your family. It is your rage that took them from you! The unfortunate loss of your mother-"

"My mother was taken from me because the Jedi pulled me away from her! I could have saved her, from slavery, from being kidnapped, from death! There is no righting a wrong like that!", he interrupted, fist shaking at the increasingly uneasy Ankor.
The walls now trembled, Vader's anger boiling, the force with it becoming uncontrollable. Before Ankor could say another word, a wave of nothingness tossed the Jedi into the far wall of the room like a child's toy. The Dark Jedi stood, statuesque in the center of the room, his distinctive breathing ringing in Ankor's ears. She quickly gathered herself, in just enough time to roll beneath a large metal table that flew toward her. Igniting her saber, the large mass flew past her harmlessly, now in two pieces. As she stood to face Vader, he hurled another piece of debris, which Ankor caught, dropping it to the floor. She felt something grab her arm, pulling it toward her. She extinguished her weapon in just enough time for only her clenched right fist to strike her in the face.

"Is this what has become of you, the chosen one, the man who would bring balance to the force?", Ankor questioned. "Is this how you honor your lost family?!"

Without reply, Vader's hand rose from his relaxed position, tearing a large portion of wall, accompanying floor, and the helpless Jedi from the rest of the small building that Ankor had been inhabiting, careening four stories into a dim alley below. Her world spun, and went black, for what seemed like eons. The hard ground came to meet her, violently. Somehow she managed to stay conscious. Also, somehow, Vader was waiting, again his hand raised. Ankor could feel herself being lifted. Her head dizzying, air being restricted. Her heartbeat sounded like a rumble, her whimper was a loud groan in her head.
With all the strength she could muster, she wheezed, " you! Angry care!". In the instant it took her to notice the brilliant blue of her ignited light saber, it flew from the alleyway into her abdomen. She fell to the ground, coughing and gasping.

"Jedi Master Ankor, you are correct. I do care, very much.", Vader replied, his demeanor now calm.

A slight look of relief washed over the battered Jedi. That look quickly transformed to terror when Vader made his closing argument.

"However, all that was good in me died with my family.", and with that, Darth Vader dropped his raised hand, as Ankor's hideout came crashing down on top of her in a huge, groaning ball of dust and debris.


After leaving Nar Shaddaa behind and boarding his newly constructed flagship "Devastator", Darth Vader entered his private chambers to update his master on the progress concerning order 66 and his visit to the remote world.

"Was the information on Master Ankor accurate, my apprentice?", The Emperor asked. "Has she been defeated?"

"She was no match for the dark side, master."

"I am most pleased with your progress, Lord Vader. I trust the Jedi's underlings have been dealt with?", The scarred Emperor droned.

"Yes, my master, as we speak."

"Good. It is only a matter of time before the galaxy is forever rid of the Jedi plague!", the old man cackled, before disappearing.
As Vader stood on the bridge of his massive flagship, quietly calculating where his next adversary hid, a call from a ship, Slave 1, made it's way to one of Vader's admirals. The dark lord himself, gave the ship clearance to land. Vader met the bounty hunter in the docking bay as the ship commenced it's unique landing sequence. When the cargo bay opened up, Darth Vader was almost surprised to see the young man donning the mismatched Madalorian armor. He said nothing to Vader, only giving a curt nod and presenting the Sith three artifacts; A holocube, and more interestingly, the charred fragments of two light saber hilts.

"Your swift actions impress even me, bounty hunter. I trust this holocube shows the details of your work, since I see no Jedi before me?", Vader inquired. Uncharacteristically, Vader curiously asked, "What of the two rogue fugitives?"

The young man simply replied, "Disintegrated, sir."

"Most impressive. Who's account gets credited for this kind of reliability?", Vader asked.

The young man again replied simply, "Boba Fett."

"You have certainly made your impression on the Galactic Empire, bounty hunter.", Vader praised.

Fett concluded with another curt nod and boarded his ship, off to pursue other dangerous quarry.
Moments later, back on the bridge of the Devastator, Darth Vader had his course plotted before him, them jumping to hyperspace, he began his search for his next quarry, Jedi Master Jinu.