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Many of you may recall the Boba Fett helmet casting/plug that was offered a few months back on eBay. I instantly began to research the item and started communicating with the seller. My research revealed that FXdudes declarations were correct and I was able to confirm that the plug was indeed a first generation casting from a REAL helmet. I made an offer after the auction was closed and through kindness,fate or blind luck he accepted my offer.

While the helmet looked warped in the eBay action, the "warpage" was completely due to the lens focal length and camera type (which was disclosed in the auction). As you can see from my pics below taken with the equivalent of a 50mm lens to give a true eye view, there is no warpage in the helmet at all only asymmetry from the original helmet (Photon Magic photographed it he will be happy to answer questions) . This is just another example of why images can be so deceiving! The surface is also not rough it's actually smooth to touch. The illusion is created by the fact the casting was sealed with a copper paint to prevent moisture damage and the green areas are oxidation. Except for a few chips here and there it's in perfect condition.

Before anyone asks, let me say I currently have no intentions of going into the helmet making business. Others here on the board have that market pretty well wrapped up. I just wanted this piece to add to my personal collection but I also wanted to share it with you because it's another great piece in the growing history of Boba Fett. Enjoy!




Just wanted to include this as well. It's a comp showing how focal length messes with perspective.


I have been getting many requests to show comps of helmet well instead of comping it to a fanmade I had a little fun and did my best to splice it on a real one. Not much of a fan of doing this but it was all in fun. Enjoy.

Here's one with Brak's cool little eyes helmet picture. again just goofing nothing more.
Well I guess I was wrong on this one. I was extremely doubtful of the owner's claim...but now I believe it. That was a very very bad picture of it from the auction. I am guessing this is an ROTJ helmet?
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Oh my dear, that's amaizing Lee!
So by you stating that you're not into the helmet making business...does that mean this won't create some helmets for us? ;)

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That is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time! :cheers Congrats on the beautiful collector's piece you have aquired. What's it cast in? Plastic or FG?
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I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be the first person to get to photograph this piece of Star Wars history! Although I don't have the technical expertise to appreciate as much of the details of the helmet as most of the other board members would, it certainly is impressive to look at and shoot.

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You lucky YOU! The dents and nics look consistant with those on a Pre-pro helmet :D ....... Vive le pre-pro!
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While the dents and dings match precisely, it is possible that this helmet was not a direct casting off the Prepro 2, but rather a direct casting of a helmet that came from the same mold as the Prepro 2 helmet, which included the same physical damage.
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Thats pretty wild Lee!!!! Congrats!! Hope you didn't have to give your right arm for it ;)
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That is just amazing Lee, i hate to think what it cost, but to me it was worth every penny you paid.

Thats a piece of history you own there. :)

Nathan :)
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