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Last year someone (sorry cant remember who :o) offered TDH calenders. The quality of these was excellent, i'm sure all those who got one would agree.
Am i being a bit premature or will these be available again this year? if so stick me on the list, wanna get in early :D(last year i only had january up a week :lol:)

That was our resident TDH promotions man Dustin Crops Boy. I also hope he offers them again, they are of very good quality and educational also.
Yeah those calendars were great..I picked up a bunch of them for gifts to a few friends. I'd shell out some extra credits for a full sized one.
I am a Sr. Designer for an agency in Dallas. If you need anyone to contribute on the project...I am available. My expertise is in Photoshop, Illustrator and QuarkXPress and print and interactive layout. LMK.

but seriously... a years worth of mirax...;) ya'll crazy hillbillies from north GA. :)

I would love a calender with TDH stuff and BH info on it. Do them again please!!
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